Our values are what drive us. They are the guiding principles that define how we operate without compromise. Despite many changes in the last 15 years, and through all future changes, our core values have, and will always remain constant:

(1) Quality
Consistently delivering a service at the highest level of quality is an unyielding goal. It isn’t forced, it is entrenched in the way that we work. We strive for perfection with a high level of attention to detail. We are in the business of engineering and not the other way around - we pride ourselves on being engineers over business people. We seek to add value at every opportunity we get, and quality is our primary measurable tool. We don’t want to just meet our client’s expectations, we aim to exceed them.

(2) Passion & Pride
We are driven people with a passion for what we do. It is this passion that encourages us to think “outside the box”, that drives innovation and pushes us to get better at what we do. We thrive on challenges, and the “solutions” in our name is deliberate. Where others may see problems or complexities, we see challenges, opportunities and solutions.

(3) Innovation
We are always willing to learn and never content to sit still. The engineering world is an ever changing environment and continual development and education is essential. We challenge ourselves within the office and engage in industry events to stay abreast of the latest research and standards. We push boundaries and never hesitate to go back to first-principles to deliver the visions of our clients.

(4) Culture, Respect & Enjoyment
Our people are our greatest asset. We pride ourselves on diversity and mutual respect for each other. Our company structure is deliberately open and flat, and everyone’s voice is heard. We believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is fundamental. A normal work week is too long to not be having fun, and a relaxed, inclusive and happy work environment is key.

(5) Professionalism & Integrity
Professionalism, honesty and integrity are engrained in how we operate. We are bound by our IPENZ Professional Engineering Code of Ethics which is not seen simply as a rulebook to comply with, but a description of what is inherent. 
We embrace our responsibility as professionals in our industry and the role that we play in society. Health and safety is paramount, and our ability to influence safety by design is a responsibility we take seriously.  

(6) Communication
Without communication, the best engineering in the world is worthless. Whether on paper or BIM, written or graphical, we tailor our output to suit the audience, not ourselves. We thrive in teams, and understand that any successful project requires a collaborative high performing team, of which we are just one part. We aim to be accessible, responsive and hands-on. 


Our vision is simple: “Exceptional People, Exceptional Projects, Exceptional Results”.