Our Team

The team at Ruamoko Solutions has designed well over 3,000 building projects with an aggregate construction cost of close to $3 billion. These buildings cover a vast range of building types from major public buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, residential buildings and sculptural installations.

Company Directors Julian Ramsay, Cameron MacPherson and Grant Wilkinson lead the team of staff to deliver a full range of structural projects and services. A high standard of documentation is provided by our experienced drafters who are all up to date with latest BIM technology and proficient in both Revit and CAD.




BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural), IntPE

Julian is a founding member and managing director at Ruamoko Solutions. Julian enjoys the challenge of finding pragmatic and innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges and leads the team to provide a strong technical base. Julian always brings passion and commitment to projects and thrives in a team environment.  

Julian is a chartered professional member of Engineers New Zealand (CMengNZ), is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), is on the International Register of Professional Engineers (IntPE), and is a roundtable member of TEC Executive Connection.

Julians experience extends to a diverse range of projects varying greatly in size, cost, and complexity. Projects include large entertainment facilities, commercial, office, industrial, educational and residential buildings, analysis, reports and strengthening of existing buildings.

Julian is a Christchurch local and had significant involvement in the Canterbury earthquakes where he was able to gain extensive first-hand knowledge of the behavior of all manner of building types in earthquakes as part of the CCC and Civil Defence reconnaissance teams assessment of critical buildings and ongoing building evaluations.

Most recently Julian has been involved in pioneering award-winning new seismic technologies such as replaceable-link eccentrically braced frames for which he recently won an ACENZ Innovate Award of Excellence.

Julian is passionate about music, plays guitar in a rock band and enjoys surfing, jet-skiing, mountain biking and house DIY projects.

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ME (Dist), BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural), IntPE

Cameron joined Ruamoko Solutions in 2007 and is a director and senior structural engineer.

He is a Member of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Cameron completed a Masters of Engineering degree at the University of Canterbury, which included a thesis looking at the seismic performance of reinforced concrete frame construction with hollow-core flooring.

He has worked on a wide range of projects varying greatly in size, cost, and complexity. Projects include large commercial, office, residential, healthcare, industrial and educational buildings, as well as the assessment, reporting and strengthening of existing buildings. Cameron has been actively involved in the response to the Canterbury earthquakes, initially as part of the CCC / Civil Defence reconnaissance teams, assessment of critical buildings and ongoing building evaluations. Here, Cameron gained extensive first-hand experience of the behaviour of all types of buildings, experience invaluable to his recent design of new buildings which incorporate the latest structural engineering knowledge and innovation.

Cameron is also a big sports and travel fan, and enjoys spending time with his young family.

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BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

FEngNZ, CPEng, (Structural, Civil)

Grant is a founding member and a director at Ruamoko Solutions. Grant was previously a director, project director and manager of Holmes Consulting Group Ltd from 1987 to 2006.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Grant’s experience extends to almost all types of structures of all sizes. His technical excellence is balanced with his unsurpassed knowledge of the industry, both at a regulatory level and on the construction site. His passion is for developing solutions for his clients, and often this is in the design of advanced seismic protection systems where he has been at the forefront of pioneering seismic design.

Grant has been actively involved in the development of structural codes both in NZ and overseas. He was a member of the Structural Advisory Panel to the DBH, and has won several industry awards, including the coveted NZ Engineering Award, Category A, Building, for the base-isolated Christchurch Women’s Hospital Building while at Holmes Consulting Group. He has been involved as Project Director on several other major projects with base-isolation technologies including Parliament Buildings while at Holmes Consulting Group, and Wynn Williams House.

Grant is passionate about arts and culture and has an impressive art collection. He enjoys spending time in weekends with family and grandchildren.

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Structural Design Engineers


Hamish Mackinven

BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural)

Hamish is a senior engineer and has extensive experience on a large manner of projects, including a three turbine, 1MW capacity wind farm powering New Zealand’s Scott Base and the American McMurdo Station. Hamish has previously spent 10 years in the Royal New Zealand Airforce.

Hamish enjoys mountain biking both locally and overseas.


Cass Goodwin

BE (Civil), MArch (Hons), BArch (Hons), BAS

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural)

Cass is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a senior design engineer on the Ruamoko team.

He previously worked at Abacus Engineering in Auckland. He is also a member of Heritage New Zealand and Engineers Without Borders.

Cass is a keen writer and enjoys architectural, landscape, and furniture design and is totally obsessed with fishing.


Chris Watson

BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural)

Chris joined the Ruamoko team in 2010 while he was carrying out his PhD studies in seismic timber design at the University of Canterbury. Chris has a passion for base-isolation and post-tensioned seismic structural systems.

Chris plays senior rugby for Ohoka, and also regularly enjoys fly fishing at Canterbury's high-country lakes.


euving au

ME (Dist), BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)

CMEngNZ, CPEng (Structural)

Euving has completed a ME with distinction, and has several years of experience in Christchurch. He has a particular interest in non-linear time-history analyses and base-isolation. 

Euving is a youth group leader, and enjoys playing touch rugby, squash and spear fishing on weekends.

Ruamoko Cameron Belliss.jpg

cameron belliss

MSc, BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)


Cameron is a structural design engineer on the Ruamoko team. He has recently completed a Masters degree in Seismic Engineering at the University of Patras in Greece, and on the prestigious ROSE Programme at IUSS in Pavia, Italy. 

Cameron is a keen sportsman who plays rugby, cricket and volleyball.



BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)


Tim is a structural design engineer on the Ruamoko team. His experience extends to sophisticated non-linear pushover and time-history analyses, as well as structural design and assessment of buildings including large multi-disciplinary projects. 

Tim is an athletics fan, and has competed at high levels in pole vault.



BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)


Thomas has a passion for structural engineering and high-end analysis techniques.

Thomas enjoys playing club rugby for the local Marist-Albion team.


rob dods-samson

BE (Hons) (Civil)


Rob has recently returned to Ruamoko Solutions following a stint in the UK and Fiji.

Rob is a semi-professional rugby player where he plays at fullback.


Gabriella Shields

BE (Hons) (Civil & Geotech)


Gabriella has several years of professional experience working in both Australia and New Zealand. Projects she has worked on include defence, medical, multi-storey and retail sectors.

Gabriella is an avid sports woman who plays netball, basketball and ski's. She is a regular traveller and is interested in local cuisine.



BE (1st Class Hons) (Civil)


Jeremy has recently graduated from the University of Canterbury and joined the Ruamoko team in 2018.

Jeremy enjoys rugby, cricket, and has proved his worth on the Ruamoko Solutions touch rugby team.




Drafting Team Manager

Floyd has extensive international experience in structural drafting and is the lead Revit technician on the Ruamoko team.

He enjoys bass guitar and has played in several bands.


paul naylor

Senior Structural Drafter

Paul has almost 30 years of drafting experience in New Zealand and South Africa and is an expert in Revit and BIM.

Paul is actively involved in athletics both on a local and national level.



Structural Drafter

BEngTech (Civil/Structural)

Jocelyn has worked in the structural consulting industry since graduating from her degree from Ara in 2015.

Jocelyn's weekend time is spent with her dog on walks in the hills around Christchurch.




Structural Drafter


Pauline is a Revit technician who completed her studies in Otago in 2017. 

Pauline enjoys getting amongst the outdoors, quality baking, and is an avid wheelchair rugby supporter.


Contract DraFTERS

Murray Walls

Andy O'Brien

Wayne Inwood

Ian McLennan




Office Manager

Rebecca has a wealth of experience in business support and customer service. Rebecca supports all directors and staff and manages the office to ensure the machine runs smoothly. 

Rebecca is the president of the local Volkswagen club, and has a passion for music and the theatre.




Kate is the friendly face of the Ruamoko office, providing support to directors and staff.

Kate enjoys travelling and spending time with friends socialising on weekends.

Additional Resource

For large landmark Christchurch rebuild projects we have strong ties to San Francisco based award winning structural and earthquake engineering firm Forell / Elsesser Engineers. Our shared outlook and passion for innovation make us a strong team with the experience, manpower, and local knowledge to tackle any sized project.