Ruamoko Solutions is committed to taking all practicable steps within our control to ensure the safety of employees while at work and the safety of others in or near our workplaces.

As structural engineers, we take our position on health and safety very seriously. We believe the decisions we make and our influence can have a large impact on the health and safety of those involved in our organisation, within our industry, and to the general public.

Led from the leadership team, Ruamoko Solution’s aim is to embed safety in design as part of our standard work practice to all employees. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is fundamental to everything we do.

Health and safety is the responsibility of all of us. Our health and safety plan reinforces the commitment and responsibility for all of us to consider our personal safety and to promote safe work practices wherever we may be. Our plan outlines how we identify workplace hazards, and the steps required to control these risks by eliminating or minimising them.

We have effective systems in place to measure and monitor our health and safety performance as we seek continuous improvement. This involves full participation of employees in setting and reviewing health and safety goals, and access to appropriate training and professional development for people at all levels of the company so they have the skills, knowledge and competence to fulfil their roles with a focus on Health and Safety.

Our commitment is to create a culture that promotes health and safety – personal responsibility and awareness of health and safety for ourselves and others that no systems or monitoring procedures can substitute for.